Don’t Have Entrepreneurship ADD!


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Today to talk about something I could call entrepreneurship ADD so I guess the what this entails is been in Austria and maybe a lot of us o’clock ourselves at lunch mirrors are business people have this were you get an idea brings a everyday you have any idea like I just had to say business or I can help this business change or I want to start this business thing is pretty common that a lot of us have this and I don’t call should be to gate because your sodas like a squirrel I just always trying to think of something else of the ideas coming to remind that I want to touch on that and that’s something I feel that I have were a couple times a week I get this great idea that I want this new business idea or I kind of get attached or start really think in about this helping I want my existing clients and how we can change this sitter or just starting the different business of my owners I got some a touch on a couple things up why that’s bad and why you need to focus or just a couple things so reason.

Stop Entrepreneurship ADD

I think it’s bad is because you start strictures of really been so say for example you’re to have visited you run or jobber project and then that ADD kicks in and the next month you want to do the current business but you also want to do so this is a check this idea Lauren likes that
Anyone try to people I see a lot of people kind of trying to do a bunch of different things instead of just really focusing the real reason why it’s guitar letting somebody you can do other things like I’m I agree that some liking you could get you a full-time job and a part-time job or you can run a business during the day and if it we have an attempt tonight if you stop watching TV your voice typing to give you some like that but there’s a ghetto point research at yourself today and he can’t really focus or do your best work on projects of this is that you’re trying to start I think that’s the main reason you can’t put enough time and detail effort into sustaining his assistant helping them grow because he has too many things going on trying to start a business as you had to contact and I think it’s really good for you to focus on his couple projects that you’re passionate about and maybe something else about it later post is one of your past but really just finding the company you could do two things at a job in the night job or a project in my project and really focusing on most projects are doing good and make sure that you’re doing the best you can give enough attention I think that’s really good him and the reason why says you just need to focus so one thing that I can’t tell myself every morning as I wake up

Focus on Your Business

Okay these are the these are the two things that I have to do how to do marketing Agency business I focus on that ticket my clients pay my bills all that stuff go that this but then after tonight than I have time to focus on something else now outside of that yeah I’ll admit that I always they will accept service strikes are doing this and anything reminds her brief setting up I say like okay why haven’t attempt to do all these things but in reality all we don’t either you jobs again really suck your current projects are really second honey lacking quality and not the sick and are your social life or we does not send other things I think it’s really good just cytoma Saturday I’ll babysit you think that you can you can do need a job a business market agency of your clients and did it work for them that night you can work on startup nosy only two things ignored and the reason I say that for myself is because I know that if I search under thinking about attending the work I don’t allot enough time to the project businesses and they failed supper Time to do that I think that’s really good to say okay these are the these are the business that I’m due to the project him to work on and I can only do those I want to touch duos and really work Archville them me and I want Dwight wants his business grow and you had options I need somebody to coming to take over like 80 operations or they need and want to be disappointed you can build a team manager pregnant place I got a pass those misses off okay I don’t to hear this is the systems and processes now you can run with it and I’m you and you take out all receiving the minute appointment he said okay I freed up my time now I can bring on another project started I think that’s the best I see a lot of people I mean just trying to do too many businesses are to spread apart and not doing the right when I get green of time into their and also to meet her social life lacking something that’s I think the biggest thing is I just holy partnership and eat is to pick me work on 12 maybe three to just dinner now how much time to take and really focus on them yet don’t get shocked it from all that ideas I didn’t and working out to choose yeah I had to project that we’re not right now those are the things that I have to do another one that I’m working on my time too but I also have a an idea but you can write-downs I guess that’s a good idea for new business associates a break that was a discussion business or to sell spices and get online window stop it that’s why it made up to go to get me that something you can do but in right now might be the time. So what I do that right anonymous book and then you can revisit it later today okay I have some free time our meeting business didn’t work out now bye start something else we can go back and revisit these ideas to write okay Will this make sense now I can do this than you but I didn’t think of anything as I don’t have much fewer shit ADD just focus on want you maybe even three projects really passionate about them make sure you have enough time to really make sure that they do the good businesses that you’re putting in the time it works making bro I just really execute well don’t spread yourself too then and just have a lot of this is that they’ll not typing that’s all I wanted to touch I just focused don’t have much notion did you need to get work I’m just couple Protestant